We are here to build bridges between different worlds and to create a community that rejects limits, boxes, and stereotypes in both education and self-development. In cyberspace, we want plenty of room for diversity, not restrictions.
In CyberLadies, it doesn't matter how you look or where you start. What matters is where you're headed and your determination to change cybersecurity. We're here for you so you can become who you truly want to be.

Who are we?

Your cybersecurity guides.
And feminist witches.
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(Please note that the primary language on our Discord is Czech, although we are of course able to discuss in English.)

What do we want to do?

Inclusive Cybersecurity.
And also lectures, networking events, consultations.
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What’s new

We are fresh off the launch, but the first updates will land here soon!!

About cybersecurity

You don’t know what cybersecurity is?
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