Welcome to CyberLadies!

We are CyberLadies, and we are here to provide a space in cyberspace (with occasional trips into the offline world) where all souls who do not feel comfortable or safe in mainstream boxes can meet and inspire each other.

Too many such souls have been discouraged from participating in progress in the past and present. How many more mathematicians and programmers there could have been to advance computer science if all women had access to education like Ada Lovelace? How many people loving someone of the same gender decided to go through life with their heads bowed down, despite the possibility of discovering the world of informatics, following the fate of Alan Turing?

We live in a more open time, and our continent is experiencing an unprecedented level of freedom. However, this does not mean that everyone has equal conditions to contribute to the development of our world. What about those who swim against the current! Stereotypes still deter women from technical fields. Security is still perceived as a masculine, tough field. At conferences on (not only) cybersecurity, the microphone on the stage is handed over only to the men's club because "it just turned out that way."

With CyberLadies, we intentionally go against the current. We will stir the water a bit, but above all, we want to build bridges across the river. Bridges between different worlds and communities. So that everyone can find their place in this changing, sexy, and inclusive field without restrictions.

Join us and be part of the revolution in cybersecurity! In CyberLadies it doesn't matter how you look or where you start. We care about where you're headed and your determination. We're here for you so you can be who you truly want to be – without limitations and prejudices.