Statutes of the association CyberLadies, z. s.

Article I — Name and Seat

I.1. Name of the association: CyberLadies, z. s.

I.2. Seat of the association: Varšavská 715/36, Prague 2, 120 00, Czech Republic

Article II. — Purpose of the association

II.1. The association is a voluntary, non-governmental, non-profit union of individuals. The purpose of the association is to connect and support underrepresented groups in the Czech cybersecurity environment, primarily women, sexual and ethnic minorities, and all those who do not identify with the mainstream.

Article III. — Forms of activities

III.1. Forms of activities of the association include:

  • a) Implementation of educational activities in the field of cybersecurity.
  • b) Connecting CyberGals, employers, and employees.
  • c) Providing mentoring and organizing educational events.
  • d) Securing financial resources necessary for the implementation of projects fulfilling the purpose of the association.
  • e) Other forms of activities and the specification of activities are determined by the CyberLadies board.

Article IV. — Statutory body

IV.1. The statutory body of the association is the CyberBoard.

IV.2. The CyberBoard consists of at least three members.

IV.3. Each member of the CyberBoard acts independently.

IV.4. The first members of the CyberBoard are the foundresses of the association. The CyberBoard may admit additional members by a majority vote. In case a member of the Cyberboard terminates her membership in the association or resigns from the CyberBoard, she shall be replaced by election of another member of the association, so that the number of members does not fall below three.

IV.5. The CyberBoard meets as needed.

IV.6. The CyberBoard elects a chairwoman, and this position is called Directress.

IV.7. CyberBoard represents the association in all matters, especially:

  • a) negotiates and signs contracts;
  • b) acts on behalf of the association with authorities and other entities;
  • c) grants power of attorney on behalf of the association.

IV.8. The CyberBoard may pass motion outside of the meeting in written form or by using technical means.

Article V. — The highest authority

V.1. The highest body of the association is the CyberLadies Members Meeting.

V.2. CyberLadies Members Meeting meets as needed.

V.3. CyberLadies Members Meeting in particular:

  • a) accepts new members;
  • b) decides on amendments to the statutes;
  • c) specifies the activities of the association;
  • d) approves the budget, the activity report, the annual report and other documents as appropriate.

V.4. Any member of CyberLadies who applies and is accepted by majority vote may become a member of the Members Meeting.

V.5. The CyberLadies Members Meeting may pass motions outside of the meeting in writing or by using technical means.

Article VI. — Membership in the association

VI.1. Membership in the association is voluntary.

VI.2. Members of the Association are admitted by the CyberLadies Members Meeting.

VI.3. The members of the Association are called CyberLadies.

VI.4. A member of the association is obliged to abide by the statutes, to defend the interests of the association, to properly manage the values and property entrusted to the association, to comply with internal agreements, and not to take any actions that would be contrary to the interests of the association.

VI.5. Membership in the Association terminates by voluntary resignation of a member, death, or expulsion by decision of the CyberBoard.

VI.6. In particular, a member has the right to attend meetings, make suggestions and comments on the activities of the association, apply for admission to the CyberLadies Members Meeting and to the CyberBoard.

VI.7. The Association keeps a list of current and former members.

Article VII. — Assets and management of the association

VII.1. The assets of the association are mainly:

  • a) donations,
  • b) sponsorship contributions,
  • c) income, where appropriate, generated in connection with its core activities, in particular proceeds from social activities,
  • d) subsidies and contributions from the State budget or other public budgets, grants, etc.

VII.2. The association spends its funds exclusively on actions related to the subject of the association's activities, duly supported by accounting documents. The CyberLadies Members Meeting shall be responsible for keeping records of the Association's finances and ensuring that the Association meets its tax obligations, and may delegate this responsibility to a member appointed as a Treasurer.

Article VIII. — Final provisions

VIII.1. The first members of the statutory body are:

  • a) Zuzana Pechová
  • b) Markéta Gregorová
  • c) Tereza Kubů

VIII.2. These statutes have been approved by the foundresses of the association, as confirmed by their signatures.

In Prague, 22.9.2023