Choose how you want to join!

You can be a CyberGal, CyberLady, or we can arrange an individual form of collaboration - choose from the options below.


CyberGal is anyone who wants to take advantage of the opportunities the organization offers, whether it's participating in events, job hunting, education, or chatting on Discord. It doesn't commit you to anything, just to following the discussion rules on Discord —  simply join  .


CyberLady is a full-fledged member of the organization. Membership entails the right to co-decide on the development of the organization and the funds acquired, as well as the obligation to adhere to the statutes and participate in the management of the organization. Let's talk about it, you can  write  to the foundresses! You can contact us by email or on Discord (you'll recognize us by the "moderator" role)!

Partners and supporters

Are you a company looking for talent for your cybersecurity section? Or are you an association seeing the possibility of cooperation? Or do you simply want to support a good cause, maybe you occasionally have a free meeting room, or a possibility to contribute to specific projects and events we organize? Reach out to us at  and together we can devise a collaboration tailored to both parties.