What are we planning?

First, we would like to see as many people as possible on our Discord ➡️ so come and join us . 😼

The first tangible thing we're planning is a live meetup in Prague at the beginning of 2024, and we'll be preparing for it on Discord. Over time, these will become regular meetings, similar to gatherings of other Czech IT communities – like Pyladies and others.

In addition to basic networking, we have a lot of plans that will take some time because we want to do them well, regularly, and complement other groups and activities that already exist. This includes things like lectures at suitable conferences, live online talks, consultations/mentoring, and a few small specialties. Everything, of course, to be in line with our vision.

And since we're all obligated by our jobs and this is our purely personal activity, we'll only do what we have enough volunteers for – we wouldn’t like to burn out. Many people in cybersecurity burn out over time, and we wish to function as a safety net without burning ourselves out.